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We recognize that we are located on the original lands of the Indigenous Poeples specifically Treaty 2 and 4. We respect the Treaties and acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past and present. We are dedicated to learning the truth and to reconciliation. We are grateful for their stewardship of this land and their hospitality which allows us to live, work, worship and serve God the Creator here.


COME AND ENJOY SHROVE TUESDAY PANCAKE SUPPER WITH US ON FEBRUARY 13TH, 2024 FROM 5-6:30 P.M. We are an "open-table" congregration and all are welcome.


Requests for Pastoral services for weddings, funerals and baptisms please contact our Pastor Heather Parrott-Howdle or Office Administrator at 204-636-2259 or email pastor@ericksonlutheranchurch.ca or admin@ericksonlutheranchurch.ca.



February 2024 In-Person Service Schedule - Subject to Change



February is a month set aside in our society to commemorate love. My theme will lean into that as well as what the Bible says about love. I would like to share a collection of verses that talk about loving others, love within a marriage or partnership, loving enemies and Agape love. The Bible says God is love. Our world has skewed the meaning of true love but God’s love remains steadfast for us and shows us how to love in the gift of his son, Jesus.

Agape love is most often considered the highest form of Christian love. It is the kind of love and action that shows empathy; and extends the desire for good of the beloved; wants the best; extends help or demonstrates good intentions; and is intended for everyone. Agape love is sacrificial, respectful and non-exploitive.

What kind of love do we find in the Scriptures? Is it the kind of love experienced between spouses? Or between parents and children? Is it the kind of love God expresses to us, or the kind of love we attempt to express back to Him? Or is it that fleeting and temporary feeling that makes us say, "I love guacamole!"?

Interestingly, the Bible addresses many different kinds of love throughout its pages. The original languages contain several nuances and specific words that communicate particular meanings connected to that emotion. Unfortunately, our modern English translations of those Scriptures typically boil everything down to the same word: "love."

There are actually four Greek words that communicate a different type of love. Those words are: Agape, Storge, Phileo, and Eros.

Because these are Greek terms, none of them are directly present in the Old Testament, which was originally written in Hebrew. However, these four terms offer a broad overview of the different ways love is expressed and understood throughout the Scriptures.

Keep these four different kinds of love in mind when you read the Bible verses about love and keep the verses close to you at home, at work, or anywhere you need to be reminded of the power love in your life, especially of course God's love in your life!

Read and meditate on this list of scriptures about love from the Holy Bible and begin seeing the change in your heart and mind that comes from pursuing selfless love! Here are some of the most inspiring and beautiful Bible verses about love:

In Peace,

Pastor Heather Parrott-Howdle

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Council met on Sunday, January 14, 2024 in the ELC lower hall at 9:30 a.m. with Cathy Hackenschmidt, Benita Nylen, Earl Wickdahl, and Raymond Rossnagel attending. Regrets: Shaun Oakley and Pastor Heather Parrott-Howdle. Sylvia-Linda Kaktins attended first part of the meeting for Financial Report and Administration Report. Cathy led Devotions and Opening Prayer. The minutes of the December 13th meeting were approved as distributed.


  • Land Titles changes: Scandinavia Cemetery Legal description has been obtained (Surveyor’s cost ~$300+/-). Waiting for the title. Bethania Cemetery transfer of land documentation ready for signing with lawyer. There will be fees from lawyer for the signing and a transfer of land fee from Land Titles Office
  • Parsonage sale: Sylvia-Linda will be going to Brandon to file the Notice of Application and Affidavit requesting the Order. A copy of the Offer to Purchase, title and tax information have been provided to the Klassen’s lawyer. Those signing would prefer to sign with the local lawyer and tender to Klassen’s lawyer on understanding we will receive the full sale price less adjustments for taxes, etc.
  • Website update: with Administrator sick for the past week did not allow for any further progress. Updated information for the website needs to be submitted by the end of January 2024.
  • Flooring Repair loose threads in carpet – deferred to next meeting.
  • 3-year Budget requires a change for 2024 Pulpit Supply to $4,000 and subsequent 10% increases to 2025 and 2026. Motion made to present 2024 Budget (3 Year) for approval at AGM.
  • Internet: Cathy contacted Westman Communications Group. For livestreaming they recommended Ultimate 160 for $203/month. We currently have Ultimate 60 and pay $86/ month. We will try Ultimate 100 for $123/month to see if livestreaming and daily use (including wi-fi calling) improves with the extra 40 Mbps download and 4 Mbps upload speed.


  • Financial Report: Report not reviewed in depth. Cathy will look closely at QuickBooks and entries on her return in February.

  • Service Schedule:
    • February 4, 11, 18 – Pastor Heather
    • February 25 -Cathy.
    • No Ash Wednesday service.
    • Lenten service in conjunction with St. Jude’s still in planning stages.
    • March 3, 10 – Pastor Heather.
    • > March 17 – Gospel Sunday.
    • March 24 – Cathy.
    • No Maundy Thursday or Good Friday service
    • . March 31 - 7:30 a.m. Easter Sunrise Service at Bethel, 10:30 a.m. Easter Sunday Service at ELC – Pastor Heather.

  • Worship & Music Report: Report received. Planning to submit a monthly Music and Worship article for the Newsletter.

  • Maintenance Report: Report
    • Elevator service is scheduled for 3rd week of January. Need to post a sign “ONLY authorized, trained personnel allowed to use the elevator”.
    • Earl updated the highway church signs to read 10:30 instead of 10:00. Thank you, Earl!

  • Pastor’ Report: Since December 13th meeting: In the office: 4 days per week Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. unless at a funeral, clergy meeting, pastoral visits or Clinical Pastoral Experience: Online classes on Mondays, Tuesdays at BRHC and weekly visits at Erickson and Sandy Lake Care Homes. Pastoral Care Visits: 4 in person, 5 by phone. Palliative Care: provided message for the Memory Tree Lighting. Services: See Calendar including monthly Care Home services. Blue Christmas Service. Outreach Activities: Chamber of Commerce AGM. Parklands Youth Hub – meeting every 2 weeks with Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline. Food Security: Erickson & Area Food Bank, 46 Main Street, PO Box 86, Erickson, MB Phone: 1-431-399-0399, www.ericksonfoodbank.com, for e-transfer ericksonfoodbankcoordinator@gmail.com. Hours: Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hamper Day is Wednesday from noon to 3 p.m. Housing: attended Housing Committee meeting. - asked to be chair. Church Membership: in progress. Education: see Parklands Youth Hub’s Open Futures speaker and education series. Administration: daily touch base with Sylvia-Linda.

  • Administrative Report:
    • Membership: 18 contacts on Responsibility List require follow-up prior to 2024 AGM.
    • Healthy Baby Program: meeting with representative on January 23rd prior to start February 26th and continuing on third Monday of each month until August 2024.
    • Worship: helping Pastor Heather work with inter-faith communities to determine interest in participation in Lenten Services. St. Jude’s will be working with our Worship committee.
    • Usual monthly duties in office, Newsletter, calendar, mail outs. bulletin printing, webpage updating, communion, funeral and burial records updating, cleaning and garbage collection completed. THANK YOU, Sylvia-Linda!

  • Parkland Youth Hub: Deferred until next month due to illness

  • . Sunday School Report: It would be helpful to have a keyboard in the Youth Room to facilitate practices during Sunday School. Does anyone know where we could find a keyboard?


    Mary Nichols, Resource Coordinator, Services to Seniors sent the Meals on Wheels Schedule for 2024 and a note saying she will continue delivering of meals for ELC. Thank you, Mary!


    • Appointment of Auditor’s – Cathy will ask someone.
    • Deadline for submission of reports for Annual Report 2023 for the AGM – February 6th.
    • AGM Agenda New Business:
      • Rental of facility (long-term) for Senior’s Exercises, AA/NA meetings, PMH Healthy Baby Program and PYH programs.
      • Election of Council Members and Trustees: Cathy, Benita, anyone else
      • MNO Convention Delegate – May 24-26
      • Review of Church Mission for 2024
      • Cross light (from Maintenance) – upgrade to LED

    Lord’s Prayer was repeated in unison. Next Meeting will be Thursday, February 15, 2024, 7:00 p.m., ELC Board Room. Adjournment at 10:05 p.m.

    Submitted by Benita Nylen, Secretary


    The Parklands Youth Hub is submitting a grant application to the MNO Synod to acquire funding to continue our program into the future. The main thrust of the grant is to continue and expand our programing, however we will also be seeking to constitute the Parklands Youth Hub as a stand alone legal entity. This will enable The Parklands Youth Hub to apply for funding from even more granting bodies and help us to expand the scope of our programming in the community. If we are successful the grant will contribute to another two years of programing. This process will also include forming a new board to govern the activities of the PYH.

    We are very excited by the prospects of this grant and the move to develop the PYH into its own non-profit organization. We believe that there is a continued need for programs like ours in the community and this grant will go a long way towards securing the sustainability of this project for years to come.

    Submitted by Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline, Director


    The next Bible study will be on Thursday, 8 February at 7 pm at Dolores’s house. The topic will be JUSTICE. Please find meaningful Bible verses to share.

    The Pancake Supper is on Tuesday, 13 February, 5 - 6:30 pm. ALL ARE WELCOME. Willing workers please come by 4:30. Thanks.


    • January - “Faith “

    • February -“Justice”
    • March – “Hope“
    • April –“Peace“
    • May –“ Joy”
    • June – “Humility“
    • September - “Forgiveness”
    • October - “Thankfulness”
    • November - “Faithfulness “

    Report Submitted by Dolores Hall


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    We pray for healthcare providers, vaccine suppliers, those who are ill and those who are mourning the loss of loved ones.

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    ~God’s Peace to All~

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    Anyone who has difficulty getting out to get supplies or food, please contact us through our Facebook page or call Mary at
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    Sunday worship is conducted with the Lutheran Order of Worship. On the third Sunday of the month, a Hymn Sing is held before worship. On the second Sunday of the month there is a Communion Service.

    Located just south of beautiful Riding Mountain National Park on Highway 10, Erickson Lutheran Church holds services every Sunday at 10:00am from May to September, and 11:00am from October to April.

    All are welcome to the worship services.

    Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod

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    We will be using Facebook, our website and our newsletter as our primary ways of communicating with members and want everyone to be informed in a timely manner.

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    While we are back into in-person services, our services will be available online on the church's Facebook site for those who are unable to come to our in-person services

    Anyone wishing to be more involved with our faith community and advocacy please call us at 1-204-636-2259. May the Peace of Christ be with you!