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We worship on Treaty 2 territory and desire to work together in truth and reconciliation, and continue to build our friendships and relationships with one another.

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Requests for Pastoral services for weddings, funerals and baptisms please contact our Intern Pastor Heather Parrott-Howdle or Office Administrator at 204-636-2259 or email pastor@ericksonlutheranchurch.ca or admin@ericksonlutheranchurch.ca.


**March In-Person Service Schedule - Subject to Change

  1. March 2nd - Noon Lenten Service at ELC
  2. March 3rd - Word Day of Prayer - 1:00 p.m. sponsored by ELW
  3. March 5th - 11:00 a.m. service followed by Potluck Lunch and ANNUAL CONGREGATION MEETING
  4. March 9th - Noon Lenten Service at St. Jude's
  5. March 12th - COMMUNION SUNDAY 11:00 a.m. service followed by coffee
  6. March 16th - Noon Lenten Service at ELC
  7. March 19th - Hymn Sing at 10:45 a.m. and service at 11:00 a.m. followed by coffee
  8. March 23rd - Noon Lenten Service at St. Jude's
  9. March 26th - 11:00 a.m. followed by coffee
  10. March 31st - Noon Lenten Service at ELC




Taken from the ELCIC Resource Page:

“Lent began on Ash Wednesday and continues now for 40 days, not including Sundays. It follows Jesus’ own experience of being led by the Spirit into the wilderness to fast for 40 days and nights, to be tempted by the devil three times and to resist each time, trusting in God and God’s word. This is connected to ancient and modern Lenten practices of fasting or “giving something up for Lent,” and the practice of confession, returning again and again to God’s mercy, acknowledging our falling into temptations, and trusting instead in Jesus, who knew temptation and remained faithful.

How will Lent bless you and others this year? Could it hold a fast that is less about giving up a simple pleasure and instead focuses on what we could give or take up to support those without bread; to stand with those oppressed by powers of this world; or to let go of anything we worship over God? These are invitations to live the freedom Jesus embraces over the devil’s captivity. Words of confession and forgiveness in Evangelical Lutheran Worship say that we are captive to sin and cannot free ourselves, and in the name of Jesus Christ, our sins are forgiven. Lent holds this hope for us all.

God, bless this Lent with freedom and new life for all in Christ Jesus. Amen.”

In God’s service,

Intern Pastor Heather

Intern Pastor 
Erickson Lutheran Church

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Council met on February 16 , 2023 at 7:00 p.m. in the Boardroom with Cliff, Cathy, Raymond, Earl and Benita attending. Regrets form Intern Pastor Heather. Susan Riediger attended at the beginning to present an update on the sound system upgrade.

Old Business:

  • Electrical upgrade of lights in Youth Room/plug-in in Kitchen. Ian Pinette has not been here yet and may not be before the Pancake Supper on February 21st . Cathy will clean in Youth room this weekend and clear the supplies by coat rack.
  • Sump Pump drains tweaking and extension of hoses away from the building foundation will be done in the spring.
  • -Sound system upgrade: It looks like the new sound system will be completed in the next couple of months. A couple of years ago a Fender sound system (speakers and soundboard) was purchased. The system requires other pieces to fully work. These past couple of years, due to COVID it has been impossible to get these missing pieces. We recently found a local person (Dustin Smith) to help us with this Sue has met with Dustin Smith of Smith & Sound Productions. Discussion on what is needed: fully wireless options for 1 wireless microphone, 1 headset microphone, 2 wireless DI box (includes pickups for instruments, transmitters and receivers), cable and 2 speaker wallmounts for upstairs. All hardwiring from sound board to speakers needs replacement. The cost is approximately $3500 which includes initial consultation, market research/ equipment acquisition, installation and 5-year service warranty. In addition to this the Council approved the installation to include a speaker in the narthex and 1 speaker downstairs. Sue will consult with Dustin about the compatibility of our mic stands and the two speakers in the sanctuary for use in narthex and basement. If these speakers are not compatible there will be an additional cost. In total the Council had approved spending of $5000 for this project using part of the Manitoba Bridge Grant ($15,000) received during COVID. This will bring the sound system to where we want it to be both upstairs and downstairs. This system is transportable for outdoor services. Earl thought the old sound system could be sold to recoup some of the cost.
  • -Scandinavia Cemetery ditch improvement: Cliff will talk to Chad at Beatty’s to ensure that this is in their que first thing in the spring. Cathy will check with Ian at the Municipal Office about the grant application.
  • -Land Titles changes: Church and Bethania Cemetery titles have been received. Documentation for the transfer of Bethania Cemetery to Bethel Lutheran Society should be ready by end of February. Sylvia-Linda is working on new affidavit for name change on Scandinavia Cemetery and the request to bring the deed into the new Land Titles System early in March. A meeting will be required with the lawyer for ELC and Bethel Lutheran Society to sign all these documents.
  • Installation of baseboard heating system at the parsonage has not been done by Ian Pinette yet. Burton Electric will be asked to do this and check the air exchange system since the main motor does not seem to be running. Tenant’s January hydro bill was $700 so this is a priority. Cliff will fix the leaky kitchen tap and check with the tenant about the report of bathtub overflow not working. Front step railings will be replaced in the spring.
  • Kelly Hackenschmidt has finished the suspended ceiling in the youth room except for where the electrician’s lighting install is unfinished. The countertop flip up extension for PYH computer workstations and pool table cover are completed.
  • Antique film projector and films: Intern Pastor Heather will ask Viola.
  • -Gail & Boniface Sawchuk were asked to do the audit on the church books and have completed the job. A special “Thank you” to Gail & Boniface!


  • Financial: Cathy presented the month’s Financial reports for review. Sylvia-Linda went to Kerri Butler for help with QuickBooks and thought it would be beneficial to have a one hour session with Kerri to upgrade QuickBooks. Council approves this session and to reimburse Kerri for her services.
  • Worship & Music:
    1. The Hymn Sing Band is willing to be responsible for a Gospel Service whenever there is a fifth Sunday in a month. The Gospel Service will replace the Sunday evening Gospel Hour. There are three left this year with April 30th being the next one. There will be Bible readings, lots of Gospel music but no sermon; Gospel music has very interesting history and this may be shared during the Gospel service.
    2. Communion Sundays have been arranged until the end of May: February 19th - Pastor Laurel Seyfert, March 12th – Pastor Rick & Elaine Sauer, April 2nd - Rev. Don Phillips & Nancy Phillips, May 7th – Pastor Rick & Elaine Sauer.
  • Maintenance:
    1. New timer for cross light is needed. Ian Pinette will be asked to do this and check the blackened plug in where large coffee makers/Bunn coffee maker are usually plugged in.
    2. Ceiling tiles at front entrance are watermarked. Cathy will paint the ceiling tiles with paint we have on hand.
    3. Carpet cleaning is not necessary at this time.
    Intern Pastor:
    1. In the office 4 days (January 23 -27) and provided 3 Sunday services since January 19th. Visits: 3 phone visits and 1 in person visits
    2. . Seminary Courses: in person courses: Preaching Part 2 , Theology Part 2 in Saskatoon February 27 – March 3. Leadership in the Church Part 2 February 7th to 9th in Winnipeg and February 10th to 17th in Hamilton and homework. Clinical Pastoral Experience arranged tentatively May 14 to July 14th or in September (will not interfere with Ordination). Oral exam is April 23-24.
    3. Outreach Activities include Foodbank Board Meeting January 26th, Main Street Community Market. Food Security Hub Main contact is Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline (phone 1(431)335-1710).
    4. January 31st Erickson & District Chamber of Commerce AGM – Krisjanis did presentation on Food Security Hub, Parklands Youth Hub and our role.
    5. Seminary Convocation/Graduation date is May 5 & 6 in Saskatoon. Ordination will take place here at ELC in June or July when Bishop Jason’s schedule permits.
  • Administrative:
    1. Scandinavian Cemetery: Renumbering plots on hold until March.
    2. MNO Synod Acts Grant: Sylvia-Linda has prepared and submitted the report to the MNO Synod in regards to first year funding.
    3. Parklands Youth Hub: Sylvia-Linda is administrative and support person but will be at the Youth Drop-in from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. while Heather is away.
    4. Usual monthly duties in office, Newsletter, calendar, bulletin printing, webpage updating, cleaning and garbage collection completed. THANK YOU, Sylvia-Linda!
  • Parklands Youth Hub: See report below
  • Nominating Committee: Shaun Oakley is interested in coming on Council.
  • Correspondence: None. New Business:
    1. Burton Electric was called to check the thermostat which does not control the heat output in the building as it should. An electric valve needs a new spring. When they come to install the needed part, they will do the work at the parsonage.
    2. Minimum wage as of April 1st will be $15/hr. Our Admin. Assistant is paid $16/hr.
    3. 2023 Pulpit Supply is $225 and mileage is 0.68/km for first 5000 km then 0.62/km.

The next meeting will be Thursday, March 16, 2023, at 7 p.m. at ELC Board Room. Adjournment at 9:07 p.m.

Submitted by Benita Nylen, Secretary


submitted by Krisjanis Gorsline-Kaktins

Things are starting to take shape with several of the major pieces in place giving shape to the program as it goes forward.

  1. After School Drop-In: Average of 9 youth per week attended sessions over the past 4 weeks. Last week there were 12. Twenty youth have come through the program so far. Average age is 12 with some 13 year olds. So far only boys and one girl have attended. The 12-year-olds are from Erickson and 13 year olds from Onanole. Need to encourage more girls to attend and some older teens to take on mentorship role in the program. The snack department is a real hit with never a scrap left at the end of the day. Linda Squance is doing a great job! The kids requested veggies and dip with veggies being sourced from the Food Hub Market.
  2. Open Gyms: This program will be up and running in Onanole within the next couple of weeks. Pam Ryznar has been very supportive of the program and helpful in the set up. Krisjanis has applied for a grant from the RM of Harrison Park to cover staffing cost of the Onanole Open Gym for a year. Based on the kid’s anticipation of this program, it could be more popular than the After School Drop-In. Open Gyms will be set up in Erickson once Onanole’s program is working well.
  3. Food Security Hub: A sub committee of Summer Hansell, Jamie Ewashko and Krisjanis has been set up. Jamie is working to organize the greenhouse with plans to grow and sell bedding plants, a swell as to hold gardening education events. The Flour Mill is set up and milling can begin but the sifter does not work and buying a new sifter or hand sifting is being considered to be able to produce a sellable quality flour. Everyone is encouraged to buy a regular food box from the Main Street Market on Wednesdays. This summer with more funding (hopefully), public gardens will be established, kitchen space will be completed along with the outdoor markets. The building will be available to rent for public events that contribute to the overriding goals of the Food Security Hub.

Erickson Lutheran Women (ELW) 2023 February Update

We continue to meet at one group on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Currently we are meeting at Dolores's home.

The Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper was a great success and thanks goes to Cliff and Mary, Benita and Cathy for putting it on. Thank you.

There will be no Bake Sale this year but maybe something in the Spring. Neither will there be the Red & White Café.

The ELW is hosing a World Prayer Day on March 3, 2023 at 1:00 p.m.at the Church. All are welcomed.

Remember the food hamper at the Church!! Thanks.


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Sunday worship is conducted with the Lutheran Order of Worship. On the third Sunday of the month, a Hymn Sing is held before worship. On the second Sunday of the month there is a Communion Service.

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