Welcome to Erickson Lutheran Church

We recognize that we are located on the original lands of the Indigenous Poeples specifically Treaty 2 and 4. We respect the Treaties and acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past and present. We are dedicated to learning the truth and to reconciliation. We are grateful for their stewardship of this land and their hospitality which allows us to live, work, worship and serve God the Creator here.

We are an affirming, "open-table" congregration and all are welcome.


Requests for Pastoral services for weddings, funerals and baptisms please contact our Pastor Heather Parrott-Howdle or Office Administrator at 204-636-2259 or email pastor@ericksonlutheranchurch.ca or admin@ericksonlutheranchurch.ca.



Naloxone Kits are available at the Church

They are located in a clear wall holder to the right or (west) of the church mailboxes.

These were provided by SERC (Sexual Education Resource Centre) Brandon office at one of the Open Futures sessions that Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline organized this past month at the church.

Substance Use and the impact it has on an individual, their family and community can be a life-or-death matter. Naloxone is safe to administer and having a Naloxone kit available can save a life. Also, a frequent cause of overdose is opioid toxicity, ie: people who take prescription opioids by accident thinking they're another drug.

The kit comes with an instructional pamphlet and there is also a video to show you exactly what to watch out for if you feel someone has had an overdose, and shows you all the steps including checking for breathing, calling 911, and using the kit itself. The link to the video is included here and we hope that it won’t be needed but in case it is, we would like to be prepared. Also, please let us know if you are interested in further training, or feel that you need to take a kit with you to have on hand. Thank you



MAY 2024 In-Person Service Schedule - Subject to Change


  • Every Wednesday
  • Every Thursday from 3:30-5:30 p.m. After School Drop-In for youths 12-17
  • Every 2nd Thursday of Month Sandy Lake Personal Care Home Communion Service at 2:30 p.m.
  • Every 3rd Thursday of the month Erickson Personal Care Home communion service at 10:00 a.m.


    Pastor Heather’s Newsletter message is from Rev Erik Parker’s blog post on April 23rd about Electing Bishops in a time of change. He is the Pastor at Sherwood Park Lutheran Church in Winnipeg. His message also includes a link to the Discernment Guide for electing our own Bishop at this May’s MNO Convention in Selkirk. We will need to pray and be guided by the Holy Spirit for today’s context. I am not only sharing this message because it is so important at this time, but I am also just completing my 8 month Spiritual Care Course and have not had time to be original. 😊


    (shared with permission from Pastor Erik)

    Just as my congregation is in a time of discerning God’s future for us, so it is with many of our sibling congregations, synods and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) as a whole.

    In fact, over the coming weeks and months, four of the five ELCIC Synods will be electing bishops. In all but ours, the incumbent bishops have announced they will not be serving another term. Stepping down will be Bishop Larry Kochendorfer in Alberta and Bishop Sid Haugen in Saskatchewan who have each served 12 years and Bishop Michael Pryse of the Eastern Synod who has served 26 years! Additionally, after 18 years National Bishop Susan Johnson will be stepping down as National Bishop after the National Convention next summer.

    By next summer, four of six Bishops will be in the first year of their first terms. Bishop Kathy Martin of BC will have been serving for three years and Bishop Jason will be the old experienced hand with six years of service.

    This will represent a significant change in leadership among Lutherans in the ELCIC, especially so in a time of significant change for the church.

    Unlike the calling of a pastor, where a congregation or ministry enters into an intentional time of discernment through an extensive call process, where candidates are considered and interviewed before being voted on, Bishops are elected in the space of a few days at a Synod or National Convention. In the ecclesiastical election process, any pastor on the roster of the church is eligible to be elected.

    In advance of these upcoming elections, materials for discernment have been provided and some synods are soliciting nominations ahead of time – though still any pastor can be nominated on the first ballot. After that, successive rounds of balloting occur with only the top vote-getters proceeding to the next round. It is similar to processes used by political parties electing leaders except without campaigning and hopefully more of the Holy Spirit.

    The task of stepping into the leadership roles of newly elected Bishops (and relatively recently elected ones) will be to help guide the church through the rough waters ahead. It won’t be enough to simply keep our ship of the church steady ahead, as we already know that we need to change and adapt. Bishops will be called to lead the transformation of the church, envisioning new directions, lifting up and amplifying innovators, and making space for those who have been historically excluded from leading.

    The task of conventions discerning and electing new bishops will be to avoid seeking safe and comfortable choices. When it feels like we are in crisis, we long for things that make us feel comfortable and safe. We long for easy and known choices. When faced with the need to change, options that feel like the least amount of change or the easiest path to change can be very tempting.

    But the reality is that God is calling us to transformation that will not be easy or comfortable. Bishops and other leaders who will guide us through will need to be willing to push us to uncomfortable and difficult places.

    They will need to help us seek faithfulness. And faithfulness will mean giving up a lot of ourselves and a lot of our baggage as the church.

    But faithful is what God continues to call us to be, even in this changing world.

    And faithful is what God promises to be, especially in the time of change ahead.

    Pastor Erik+

    PS The MNO Synod has prepared some materials for discernment here:

    Click to access Discernment-Guide-for-Electing-a-Bishop-FINAL.pdf


    In Peace

    Rev Heather Parrott-Howdle

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    Council met on Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. in Erickson Lutheran Church Boardroom. Cathy Hackenschmidt, Benita Nylen, Shaun Oakley, Earl Wickdahl, Raymond Rossnagel and Pastor Heather Parrott-Howdle were present. Shaun shared a reflection of his week. Cathy lead Opening Prayer.

    The minutes of the March 25th meeting approved as distributed.

    Old Business:

    • - Land Titles changes: Waiting for the title for Scandinavia Cemetery to arrive from Land Titles Office.. Bethania Cemetery signed documents will be filed along with the order later this month on return. Calculation of all legal costs associated with these properties; just waiting for Paterson’s billing.
    • - Parsonage sale: All required documents sent to purchaser’s solicitor. Cheque will likely arrive this week or next.
    • -Website update: Postponed until end of April due to Sylvia-Linda’s cataract surgery on April 16 (off until April 22).


    • Financial: Cathy reviewed the reports. More detailed reports for special funds will be available next month. As of April 15, $4,782 more expenses than revenue. Cathy will review Charity Return with Sylvia-Linda prior to filing before June 30th. Mileage in 2024 is 0.70/km. Reports accepted as presented.
    • Service Schedule:
      • April 2024 – 7, 14, 21 by Rev Heather, 28 by Cathy or alternate
      • May 2024 – 5, 12, 19 by Rev Heather, 26by Cathy or alternate
      • June 2024 – 2, 9, 16 by Rev Heather, 23 by Cathy (or alternate) and 30 Gospel Sunday
      • Cathy will contact Micheal Kvern regarding his availability for any Lay services.
      • Communion Sunday in June be moved to Father’s Day Sunday since more people attend this service.
    • Maintenance Report: -
      • Earl contacted Burton Electrical regarding options for LED lighting with ease of bulb replacement but they have not responded with options. They did suggest that the connection in the socket should be cleaned to prevent arcing that shortens the life of the bulbs we have been using (cost of $10/bulb). Cross light conversion to LED will be addressed with Burton Electric.
      • - Grass mowing at the church – Kelly Hackenschmidt is willing to do it again and will be contacted to confirm. Cliff Nichols is in charge of Scandinavia Cemetery mowing and will confirm with Chris Beatty.
    • Pastor’s Report: Since March 24th meeting: In the office: 4 days per week Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. unless at a funeral, clergy meeting, pastoral visits. Services: first 3 Sundays and 2 Personal Care Home. Clinical Pastoral Experience: April 22nd is the last online class with April 29th being Graduation Day from Spiritual Care. Pastoral Care Visits: 3 in person, 5 by phone. Palliative Care: none. Outreach Activities: Housing: attended an Erickson Housing Committee meeting April 17th with a presentation from J & G Building rep to see multi family housing options, energy efficient focus and an outline of next steps for a plan for site survey, financing, investors and citizen stakeholders. Meeting every 2 weeks now. Musical Ride: organized by Erickson & District Chamber of Commerce - July 24th in Erickson; horses will be here July 23rd to 26th boarding in the Skating Rink indoor arena, and the performance will be in the outside arena; there will also be artisan vendors etc and public can visit the horses and riders from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on July 24th. There will also be a recruiting table there. Graeme Kingdon will be the VIP that receives the Salute, and at the end of the Ride, salutes them as they leave the arena. He was honored to be asked. Food Security: Erickson & Area Food Bank, 46 Main Street, PO Box 86, Erickson, MB, Phone: 1-431-399-0399, Website:www.ericksonfoodbank.ca , for e-transfer use the following email: ericksonfoodbankcoordinator@gmail.com. Hours: Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hamper Day is Wednesday from noon to 3 p.m. Education: Summer Vacation Christian Activity Days for youth July 15th to 17th, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Daily touch base with Sylvia-Linda.
    • Administrative Report: Annual Meeting: Sent final annual report to MNO Synod changing the meeting date to the 10th. Worship: Preparing bulletins, readings, streaming materials. Telephone Directory: reviewed with Pastor Heather, printed and distributed to mailboxes with mailouts as needed. Financial: reconciliation done, monthly reports distributed for council meeting. Yearend: believe we can file the 2023 Charity Return based on the financial statements prepared for the AGM. Usual monthly duties in office, Newsletter, calendar, coded and uploaded webpage updates, updated communion records and got PCH communion material and music ready and sang for Sandy Lake service THANK YOU, Sylvia-Linda!
    • Parklands Youth Hub: See separate report.
    • Sunday School: A keyboard has not been located. A keyboard would be helpful for teaching the kids how to sing.


    MNO Synod: Congregational Leaders Toolkit Meeting Thursday, April 25, 7 p.m.via Zoom. Congregational Chair Persons Toolkit meeting Thursday, May 2, 7 p.m. via Zoom.

    New Business:

    • Membership Update: Responsibility list info given to Cathy and will be reviewed by others, creating address / contact info.
    • Council members available and Pastor Heather met with Martin Kruse for the Every Council Visit from the MNO Synod. Martin is the lay MNO Synod Council representative for Region 1. Martin brought greetings and updates from the Synod on small Group Ministries, the importance of benevolence, the upcoming Synod Convention and the many devotional/study resources provided by the Synod. Martin brought a message from Bishop Jason that each of us are important members of our local congregation and the Synod. Cathy will send Martin a sincere thank you for the visit and all the information he provided. Since our congregation has been blessed to receive several grants from the Synod and our level of benevolence giving has remained the same for 15+ years, Motion was made to increase benevolence by $500 for the next 3 years.
    • We need to nominate a lay delegate to the National Church Convention in 2025. The nominee must be endorsed by congregational council or congregational annual meeting, be a member in good standing of a congregation not represented at the last national convention and have a nomination form signed by 10 members of good standing. The nominees names will be brought to the synod convention for election. Deferred to the next meeting.

    Next Meeting: Thursday, May 16, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. in ELC Lower Hall (to use TV to view Financial Reports, etc and not print paper copies)

    . In closing the Lord’s Prayer was repeated in unison. Adjournment at 7:59 p.m.

    Submitted by Benita Nylen, Secretary


    Now that we’re firmly into spring (aside from the snow on the ground) the Parklands Youth Hub is looking intently towards the summer months and beyond. We’re expecting a bit of a bumpy start to the summer as we continue to look for funding, however there are some promising leads that we’re pursuing.

    After-School Club/S’upper Club

    As I’ve mentioned before the After-School Club and S’upper Club have essentially merged at this point. We’ve been making some amazing snacks lately. We made Korean Corndogs, Bannock Tacos, Bannock Burgers, Ramen, Spaghetti and Garlic Bread, all manner of tasty treats.

    More exciting than the food is that we’ve also seen an uptick in the kids attending. Word seems to be finally getting around that we’re making some great food. This is a very encouraging sign. These things take time, but our perseverance is paying off. It’s a great program and I think the more that people learn about it the more interest there will be.


    ARThub is trucking along. It’s been a little quiet lately. Some of the youth have conflicting engagements and our star artist Dominique has moved to Brandon. Hopefully this is not a permanent move. We miss him and his talents.

    Live Loud

    Live Loud has been on hold due to scheduling with most of the kids. They have conflicting extra-curricular activities with the time of the program. I also feel that if the program goes forward we really need to asses a way of paying the person running it. I think Meg has done a great job with it, however it’s hard for her to prioritize it. I do think some amount of pay would improve this.

    Open Gyms

    Open Gyms also continues to be on hold due to a lack of students in our target age range in Onanole. Going forward I would like to reassess this program. I think we have all of the pieces in place to provide really great physical activity-based programing, however, there are not enough youth in the age range in Onanole right now, and many of them are already enrolled in organized sports. Erickson is another matter, however, in that case, the school has stepped up and is providing its own extra-curricular open gyms program. If we go forward with this direction I would like to look at offering more fixed term programs, and look at the possibility of family based physical activity programs. This way parents could come with younger children and participate in activities together.

    Open Futures

    This month Open Futures continues April 18th at 7pm with a presentation by Riley Nicholis from Prairie Mountain Health’s Mental Health division. She will give a presentation on the mental health resources that are available to us in our community. This should be a great and informative presentation.

    We’re currently looking at several possibilities for May and June but nothing solid is confirmed yet.


    Currently we’re looking at our summer schedule. We’re nearing the end of our current budget so there may be a holding period for the programs while we wait to find out about funding.

    As I’ve mentioned in previous reports, we have a major grant submitted to the Synod. We’ve been informed that they will review the grant applications in April and hopefully return their decisions in good time after that. I believe that the proposal we submitted was a very good one, but I would hazard to guess which way that wind will blow.

    In the meantime, I’m preparing to submit a grant proposal to Healthy Together Now, a government sponsored agency that funds programs that that address healthy living and chronic disease. I have spoken with Tara Smith, their representative in our region and she seems to think we stand a really good chance of receiving some funding from them. She has also reviewed a draft of our grant application and given it a big thumbs up.

    I’m also in the process of applying to the Manitoba Arts Council for an Artists in Communities Grant to run the ARThub through the summer months.


    The next Bible study will be on Thursday, APRIL 11TH at 7 pm at Dolores’s house. The topic will be JOY. Please find meaningful Bible verses to share.

    The remainder of articles for layettes and quilts were donated to the local food bank. They were greatly appreciated by the clients.

    Blessings on Pastor Heather as she has completed the Pastoral Clinical Experience.


    • June – “Humility“

    • September - “Forgiveness”
    • October - “Thankfulness”
    • November - “Faithfulness “

    Report Submitted by Dolores Hall


    We have a YouTube Channel - Erickson Lutheran Church - where you may access online services.
    ELC Service links will be posted on our Facebook page.

    We pray for healthcare providers, vaccine suppliers, those who are ill and those who are mourning the loss of loved ones.

    Click here to access a Manitoba/NWOntario Lutheran service on the internet.

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    How we can help to
    Meet the Spiritual Needs of our Communities


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    Thank you for donations to our ministry and others

    ~God’s Peace to All~

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    Anyone who has difficulty getting out to get supplies or food, please contact us through our Facebook page or call Mary at
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    Please call Cliff Nichols (204)848-0505(Council Chair) or Intern Pastor Heather (204)-294-9212 for Pastoral needs

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    Sunday worship is conducted with the Lutheran Order of Worship. On the third Sunday of the month, a Hymn Sing is held before worship. On the second Sunday of the month there is a Communion Service.

    Located just south of beautiful Riding Mountain National Park on Highway 10, Erickson Lutheran Church holds services every Sunday at 10:00am from May to September, and 11:00am from October to April.

    All are welcome to the worship services.

    Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod

    Please share this and encourage all members to sign up for the MNO Synod Newsletter.

    We will be using Facebook, our website and our newsletter as our primary ways of communicating with members and want everyone to be informed in a timely manner.

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    While we are back into in-person services, our services will be available online on the church's Facebook site for those who are unable to come to our in-person services

    Anyone wishing to be more involved with our faith community and advocacy please call us at 1-204-636-2259. May the Peace of Christ be with you!