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We worship on Treaty 2 territory and desire to work together in truth and reconciliation, and continue to build our friendships and relationships with one another.

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Requests for Pastoral services for weddings, funerals and baptisms please contact our Intern Pastor Heather Parrott-Howdle or Office Administrator at 204-636-2259 or email pastor@ericksonlutheranchurch.ca or admin@ericksonlutheranchurch.ca.


**February In-Person Service Schedule - Subject to Change

  1. February 5th , 2023 - 11:00 a.m. service followed by Potluck Lunch
  2. February 12th, 2023 - 11:00 a.m. service followed by coffee
  3. February 19th, 2023 - COMMUNION SUNDAY - Transfiguration of our Lord Hymn Sing at 10:45 a.m. and service at 11:00 a.m. followed by coffee
  4. February 26th, 2023 - 11:00 a.m. followed by coffee - 1st Sunday of Lent



New Beginnings!

As we approach Lent and Easter we feel blessed that we will be hosting Lenten Lunches in partnership with St. Jude’s. We also have started the Parklands Youth Hub programs and they continue to develop. I am thankful for Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline the Program coordinator and Sylvia-Linda for her organizational and administrative support for the Youth Hub as well. Krisjanis will be taking more of a role with the Food Security Hub aspect of the Youth Hub which will help me immensely focus on my schooling and my calling to our church ministry and outreach.


There is a lot of new beginnings with Sunday School starting up again with kids enjoying learning about God and each other! Thanks to Jewel and Andrew for your help with this.


We had a few Gospel hours on Sunday evening and will change those to one Sunday service time a month. The hymn sing band has been great with that as well as some community musicians, Alison Brazeau and Michelle Amiotte!

Also, I start a new seminary semester with the second half of three courses and an intensive Course in March on Romans! I have also been asked to do a reading course on proclaiming the Gospel in my sermons. I am also very thankful for Pastor Laurel, Pastors Elaine and Rick Sauer, and Rev. Don Phillips for providing communion for us between now and my ordination in June or July.

I pray that we all experience new beginnings in our faith and community so rich in grace, mercy and forgiveness.

Job 8: 7 Though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great. (NRSV 2010)

In God’s service,

Intern Pastor Heather

Intern Pastor 
Erickson Lutheran Church

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Council met on Thursday, January 19th in the ELC Boardroom with all council members and Intern Pastor Heather in attendance. Viola Burkett and Susan Riediger were invited to attend prior to the business meeting to present a Worship & Music Report and an update on the sound system upgrade.

Old Business:

  • - Electrical upgrade of additional plugins including ones for sump pumps are completed in Youth Room/Kitchen. Lighting will be completed shortly.
  • - Sump Pump drains tweaking and extension of hoses away from the building foundation will be done in the spring.
  • - Sound system upgrade: Sue has checked with Ted Goods (taken over by Faders) but they do not have record of what was required so they would need to reassess. Dustin Smith (Green Rabbit Farms) does sound systems locally so Sue will ask him for a quote for what is needed.
  • - Scandinavia Cemetery fence: J & M Industries need to be paid $12,733 for the supplies they have on hand. - Scandinavia Cemetery ditch improvement: Cliff will talk to Chad at Beatty’s to ensure that this is in their que first thing in the spring. Cathy will check with Ian at the Municipal Office about the grant application.
  • - Land Titles changes: Church and Bethania Cemetery name changes on titles blocked by Land Titles Office because The Companies Branch who hold the verification of registration of Religious Societies have only Erickson Lutheran Church not Trustees of ELC (no room on their form!. They confirmed in writing that registration is Trustees of ELC so now the lawyer has to send a correction letter to Land Titles Office. The Scandinavian Cemetery title is in named trustees of Swedish Lutheran Church. Land Titles Office wants the title brought to the new system first but there are no surviving trustees to sign so follow up is needed as to the order things can be done.
  • - Installation of baseboard heating system and heat loss monitor check at the parsonage has not been done yet. Ian Pinette has the job in his que but is very busy.
  • - A motion to reimburse General Account the cost of the back door replacement from the Elsie Hall Fund as a capital expense for building improvement.
  • - Youth Room: While Kelly Hackenschmidt was here to give quote for Youth Room carpet, he recommended cleaning the carpet as it is industrial grade, not worn just dirty. Carpet has been cleaned by Clean Machine with a need to recall them for a couple of areas for spot/stain removal. Kelly was asked to do a quote for a suspended ceiling to cover up the disrupted ceiling tiles.


Financial: Cathy presented the January Financial reports for review. Reports were accepted as presented.

Worship & Music: Everything is going well for the bulletins. Need to know about the services well in advance. Some complaints about music chosen. Some would like new hymns but then too difficult. Hymns are chosen to go with the scriptures. Viola is thankful for the choir. Council members are thankful for choir leader, Viola and musicians (Viola, Sue, Val, Marlenne) and Hymn Sing Band (Viola, Sue, Raymond, Earl & Val) and the choir for sharing their time and musical talents to add to our services.

Maintenance: New timer for cross light is needed. Ian Pinette will be asked to do this when he comes to install the new lighting.

Intern Pastor’s: Weekly in the office 2 days and provided 4 Sunday services since December 14th. Visits: 4 phone visits and 2 in person visits. Funerals: Jarett Woywada. Seminary Courses: History of the Lutheran Church in Canada – passed, Intro to Pastoral Theology – passed and in person courses: Preaching Part 2 , Theology Part 2 in Saskatoon February 27 – March 3. Leadership in the Church Part 2 February 7th to 9th in Winnipeg and February 10th to 17th in Hamilton and homework. Clinical Pastoral Experience will be scheduled in 2023 (probably one day a week in Brandon). Internship was completed December 9th. Outreach Activities include Foodbank, Main Street Community Market, Food Security Hub and Palliative Care Committee (provided the Memory Message at the Memory Tree Lighting). Youth: meeting with 2 youth from the previous youth group at their request with parental approval. Meetings include outdoor activities, sharing their stories and their ideas and development of Parklands Youth Hub for 3 -4 hours every week or two. These times will be transitioned to the Parklands Youth Hub when organized.

Intern Pastor Heather shared her transcript of marks for LTS courses she has taken since September 2014 and the courses she has taken since September 2021 on the Alternate Route to Ordination she is pursuing now. Her GPA was a little over 80. CONGRATULATIONS Heather!! Seminary Convocation/Graduation date is May 3rd in Saskatoon. Ordination will take place here at ELC in June when Bishop Jason’s schedule permits.

Administrative: Scandinavian Cemetery: Renumbering plots on hold until February. Financial: Usual duties plus year end work. Domain Name: Westman Communications gave a 5 year plan for $100 ($50 saving). This registration is for our website and emails. Elevator: Inspectors now require maintenance be done biannually and a log be kept of these maintenance visits in order to have a valid permit. Cliff okayed search for an elevator service provider. Central Elevator (Dan Keryluk) services elevators in Dauphin & Minnedosa for a flat fee of $300. Our last service call had mileage of $250 without labor. Cliff okayed the hiring of Central Elevator for biannual elevator service due January or early February. Usual monthly duties completed. Sylvia-Linda has put in more than 16 hours/week but extra hours for work on Parklands Youth Hub and budget for the Better Sustainable Communities grant application are donated. THANK YOU for all you do, Sylvia-Linda!

Parklands Youth Hub:

  • Youth Room been cleared out and carpet cleaned. Sylvia-Linda spent several hours on the clean-up. Cathy & Benita helped deal with ELW tablecloths, table décor and layette supplies as well as choir robes (black ones kept, Cherub choir robes and red OUC robes donated to Expressive Dance with Crystal/Strathclair Theatre).
  • First day of the Drop-in Center was Thursday, January 19th with 9 youth attending.
  • Westman Communications upgraded the modem and installed Wi-fi extenders in Sanctuary and Hall. Pinette Electrical installed additional electrical outlets.
  • Donated computers were taken to Brandon but only three were serviceable. Waiting for call to pick up the computers.
  • Open House on Saturday, January 21st is an opportunity for community and parents to see what PYH is about. A grand opening will be held later when programs are set up.
  • Krisjanis, as Program Director, prepared the policies and guidelines and posters for the drop-in and Open House. Sylvia-Linda prepared the waivers, consents and registration forms and distributed to youth in Onanole and Erickson schools between the ages of 12 and 17 years. Steering Committee was meeting almost daily.
  • The Better Sustainable Communities grant application was submitted along with Letters of Support for the PYH received from the municipalities and the schools. Grant application required a budget and quotes for materials – a lot of work on Sylvia-Linda’s part.

New Business:

  • 2023 Budget worksheet was completed. The proposed 2023 Budget will be presented to the Annual General Meeting for approval.
  • The Annual General Meeting is on Sunday March 5th after Sunday service and potluck lunch. Announcements will be made February 19th and 26th as well as by Email with Newsletter.
    1. Nominating Committee of Cathy Hackenschmidt and Mary Nichols will be looking for 1 or 2 new council members.
    2. Appointment of Auditors: Cathy will ask someone.
    3. ELC Mission and Goals for 2023 were discussed. It was felt that the youth activities, seniors support and Food security named in 2022 are beginning to take shape in 2023.
  • Request for rental of 35-40 wooden chairs for January 31st Erickson & District Chamber of Commerce sharing the Food Hub story and relationship to Parklands Youth Hub programs. The chairs may be used free of charge.
  • Antique film projector and films: Intern Pastor Heather will ask Viola what should be done with the projector and lockable film storage cabinet. May be kept as part of the church history.
  • Communion: Pastor Laurel is able to preside for communion on February 19thand Intern Pastor Heather will do pulpit supply in Brandon. Monthly Communion planned: March 12th – Pastor Rick & Elaine Sauer, April 2nd Palm Sunday – Rev. Don Phillips.
  • Lent and Easter services: Shrove Tuesday – ELW hosting Pancake Supper February 21st at 5:00 – 6:30 p.m., No Ash Wednesday service, Lenten Soup & Sandwich services during Lent (possibly partnering with other churches), Good Friday service, Sunrise Service at Bethel at 7 a.m. and Easter Sunday at ELC at 11 a.m.
  • Since there are broken ceiling tiles in the Youth Room that may be asbestos, quote was secured for the installation of a suspended ceiling in this area. Remediation of asbestos is very expensive due to the health hazard present. Motion to accept the quote of $5,002.63 from Kelly Hackenschmidt and Co-op for installation of and materials for a suspended ceiling in the Youth Room as well as flip up counter extension for computer workstation area (south wall of Youth Room) for Parklands Youth Hub.

The next meeting of ELC Council will be Thursday, February 16th.

Following a closing prayer, adjournment at 9:07 p.m.

Submitted by Benita Nylen, Secretary


The first after-school session was January 19th, 2022 and we saw 9 boys attend. There were other conflicting events on this date so we were pleased with the number who showed up. We anticipate that as we are allowing the youth to participate in development of the programming, it will take a few months to determine what direction we will be moving forward. The drop-in on Thursdays are the informal component of the program being the opportunity for socialization and determination of activities which will be held on other days of the week. As well, it will be dependent on additional grant funding that we have applied for as to depth of programming along with the resources we can share with the community in terms of existing facilities, volunteers coming forward to help create and lead sessions in regards to graphic design, music, dance, computer coding, web designing etc. volleyball and basketball sessions.

The updated internet and homework computers have arrived. The new ceiling and counter are being worked on as I write. We are now the proud owners of a ping pong table, along with the pool table. We have a volunteer helping us with the after-school snack with pizza tortillas being on the menu this week. Drew Towler demonstrated at the Open House his Jujitsu techniques and hopefully we will be offering sessions from him to the youths. We are also seeing if it is viable to have an open after-school skating event every week to go along with Rolling River First Nations Open Skate on Sundays.

We are looking for individuals in our community who would be willing to share their skills – be it computer coding, graphic design, art, baking, business or entrepreneurial skills, music, video production, pottery, beading, nutrition, food production, volleyball, basketball etc. etc. We need mentors and leaders who would be willing to create a 4 week – one day a week – activity so as to introduce the youth to new skills and opportunities that will empower them. If you are interested please contact Krisjanis at Krisjanis at parklandsyouthhub@gmail.com for more information. Thank you.

Submitted by Sylvia-Linda Kaktins and Krisjanis Kaktins-Gorsline

Erickson Lutheran Women (ELW) 2022 November Report

The ladies got together to figure out what our future may be. Everyone wanted to continue meeting as one group on the 2nd Thursday of each month and that Dolores would still act as President as much as she is able.

There will be no ELW Christmas Dinner as we have had in the past but a potluck supper for the ELW members will be held on December 8th at 6:00 p.m. Val and Benita will look after the evening’s events with help from Cathy.

We will decide about contributions to the Seminary and LAMP in December 2022.

ELW will still serve for funerals up to 200 people at $8.00 per person. Mary will coordinate.

The Pancake Supper will go ahead as usual on Shrove Tuesday, February 21, 2023. Details to follow.

There will be no Bake Sale this year but maybe something in the Spring. Neither will there be the Red & White Café.

December 2nd 2022 will be the Memory Bulb Sale at the church at 9:00 a.m. Coffee and muffins will be served. Remember the lighting of the Memory Tree on December 21st at the Legion Hall.

Remember the food hamper at the Church!! Thanks. Blessings to all as we go forward. Submitted by LaVerne, Secretary .


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